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Panic is a perspective.  Change your outlook, alter the outcome.
NEVER again subject yourself to the stress and anxiety of panic.

How the Philosophy of Unflappable can save your life.

Noted Survival / Adventure expert Brian Brawdy is back. There isn’t a terrain or a temperature that he has not explored in North America.

From the frigid temperatures of Yellowstone in the depths of winter, to the hottest of days in Death Valley, from the Florida everglades to Denali in Alaska, he has learned his truly unique techniques by trial and error.

Now after a hiatus to address a golf ball-sized brain tumor and 5 brain surgeries in 2.5 years, he’s back and happy to share The Art of Ready and teach others the Philosophy of Unflappable, science-driven tricks and techniques to summon the very best parts of your philosophy and physiology, allowing you to face ANY survival situation.

According to Brian, “your number one survival tool is your temperament, your belief in yourself. You want to hone your skillset, hone your head.”

Through the benefit of his B.E.S.T. Acronymhe shows how combining these quick, simple activities will summon your “alter-ego” preparing you to face the situation at hand, come what may. They instantly serve to commandeer the chemicals your brain releases in any fight, flight or fear situation and use them to your advantage. “You must instantly decide whether a host of chemicals will use you, or will you use them? Pretty straight forward stuff.”

Regardless of the scenario, he believes “any emergency situation is not a confrontation, but an invitation for you to square your shoulders and win.” He can show you how.