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Your gut is right on.  That’s a storm kicking up the horizon for sure.  Soon you’ll need to decide.  MortalUP® or be put down.

It’s moving in, not much you can do to stop its advance, but you certainly can, if you choose to, ride the squalls and make it to the other side with a smile on your face.  It’s well within you to be your own shelter, your own refuge and sanctuary.  Regardless of what you’ve been told, the grit and savvy for rising to the challenge as always been in you!

Back in the 70’s Burt Reynolds, Terry Bradshaw, Sally Field and a hand full of other big named actors were in the movie Hooper.  Now, Sonny Hooper is the #1 Stuntman in Hollywood. In one of the scenes at the Palomino club, Burt and Terry, along with all their cohorts, square off, fixing for a fight. And just before the fists fly, Burt counts the number of Terry’s brawlers…

“One, two, three, four, five, six, seven…” all the way to twelve.

He then numbers his team, turns to square his shoulders with Terry.

“Six against twelve, seems a little uneven.  You guys will have to go back to Houston and get some more guys!”

It’s just like that! When you decide to MortalUP®, unleashing your Power Of Instinct, whatever your challenge, whatever you’re facing down, it’s going to need “some more guys” to make it a fair fight.  Accosted, your attacker is seldom ready for for your gritty power of your Alpha once aroused.

It’s time to engage the brawl.

The vibrantly independent, free-range Human mind is on the ropes, the clock is running down.  Standing at the road’s fork, forced to making a call, our next steps will determine if we evolve into anything worth bragging about.

We’re under attack, slowly, methodically, purposefully targeted, squeezed out simply because fragile submissiveness and its evil, ugly twin, cognitive compliance is so much easier to control.  You don’t want a puppet that punches back.

The last thing they need is for you to unleash your natural “super hero” stuff.  How will they ever manipulate and mitigate your innate Alpha unless they barrage you with a never ending avalanche of omegas?

Welcome to today!

If you’re fortunate enough to talk to your gut, startlingly lucky moreover having your instinct reply, you’re a dying breed.  Personal grit, disciplined tenacity and autonomous vision are so yesterday.  When it comes to personal drive, when did tip of the spear and cutting edge become curse words?  When did pushing the envelope and the dangerous become so socially unacceptable?

It’s much easier to go with the flow of the status quo, drooping your shoulders, averting your eyes, surrendering to the whim of the crowd.

So how did we get here?  How did we fall from headstrong and determined to hamstrung and docile?

Stonewalled, hoodwinked, bamboozled, so many today simply “tap out” in hopes the browbeating will end as will the strong-arm shellacking of the thought bullies.

Quick question.

Are you familiar with the term “character assignation?”  What if I told you, how would you respond to learning that you are open target of an ongoing cognitive assassination attempt, that a concentrated and concerted effort is underway to get you to doubt yourself, to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear, to turn back on one of the very best parts of your being?

Are you aware that a full-on campaign of mental manslaughter is waged against you at every turn?

What if I told you it was an inside job or at the very least that you harbor a co-conspirator in this cognitive homicide attempt?

Before we ID the culprits, here’s another way to uncover their downright malicious plans.

Let’s look at the assault a bit differently.

Your head has been hijacked;  the terrorists forced the cockpit door to your seat of reason and control the flight deck.

These skilled criminals use fear (fear of missing out, fear off being booted from the club, fear of punishment, fear of insecurity and ineffectiveness, fear of doom and disaster, fear of death) to capture and hold our attention hostage, not to mention our bank accounts.

Laughing all the way to the teller, deposits in hand, they do everything in their power to convince you that you are somehow damaged, broken, scattered, and sick and that they alone possess the cure for all that ails you.  They can repair and rebuild you, cure you from languishing in loneliness, unhappiness, anxiety, stress and fear. They, not you, they will be your shelter in the storm.

The scam is on. What’s the poker quote?  “If you can’t spot the patsy, the fall guy, the mark…” well, you and I are the sucker!

After years of gaslighting, have they convinced many of their alleged disease and decrepitude?  They finally watered some down to such a degree, to such a level, that they habitually second guess themselves, no longer trusting themselves to make the right call?  Instead of tapping their natural flow, they go with it, following the herd and ignoring their own instincts.

They’ve taken God-given human minds, independent as a summer day is long, deadened them, infected them with the habitual thievery of self doubt, the cruelest larceny of them all, and they couldn’t be happier with the theft.  They love the fact that you lucid is incarcerated.

Oh, right…
So the “co-Conspirator?”

You are!

Well, at least your overgrown, out of control, out of touch ego is the accomplice. Aide and abettor, collaborator, accessory after the fact.

Simple decision.  Your gut vs their drivel?  Pick the plan.

Human Being vs Human getting.

No more distractions.  Focus on the force you are.
Time to Show Yourself!
Your ALPHA has been ignored long enough.