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Mortal UP® and unleash your Alpha

The Brian Brawdy Intervention is About Alphas, for Alphas.  Everyone else is encouraged to go away, and wallow in their wuss.

Before we hit it, may I clear the air?

Destiny didn’t drop you on this planet to grab second or third place, wrapping yourself in “participation ribbons” to was the pain of finishing last.  That’s not how Nature works; Omegas don’t evolve; they spread like spilled pudding on the floor.  To be anything less than your innate best, to stumble around a watered-down version of your ultimate potential, is unnatural, the original crime against your humanity.

Thanks, I needed to get that off my chest.

It’s popular today to talk about avatars or your “target audience,” those folks most inclined to actively participate with your content.

So let’s cut to the chase.

The Brian Brawdy Intervention isn’t for you, it’s written and released solely for your inner Alpha.

Now, we chose “Intervention” with a crystal clear purpose in mind.  Not unlike a family troubled with the unconscionable actions and precipitous decline of an addicted loved one, there comes a time to call them out and draw your line in the sand.  To make a list of demands, to point out those attitudes and actions that will not be tolerated one more minute.  Not one.

I don’t want to go all “Land of the Lotus-eaters” on you, drop a healthy dose of Djerba Island in your lap.  That said…

Returning home to Ithaca from Troy, Odysseus and his crew bump into the Lotus-eaters, inhabitants hooked on the indigenous hallucinogens, and more than ready to share with their guests.  Gobbling up the local goodies, bingeing one bite after another, the newly-addicted sailors, stripped of all concerns of time, duty, all focus on the needs of life in general, sloth about in forgetfulness and comfort.

No distractions, mesmerized by the narcotic properties of the tasty plant, all they’re looking for is to munch on some more and snugly recline and relax in the yummy haze.  Void of all purpose in life, completely disregarding their roles, kicking back and chomping away. and forging a path only “More lotus, please!”

Well, well, well.  Today’s lotus?  A steady diet, a never ending supply of wuss.

You get the correlation.

The cloth you’re cut from is Kevlar.  Start acting like it.

The Brian Brawdy Intervention

Welcome, Alphas!