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Strategic Tactician. Rescue Thinker. Uphill Adept.

Welcome to my stomping ground.

Now, let’s cut to the chase, get to the bottom line, the brass tacks of it all right out of the box.

Straight away, you were put on this planet to run the table.

Let me throw that out again.  If you’re alive, you’re here to run the table.

Unfamiliar with the term?  In the game of billiards, it’s basic pool hall strategy. You keep hitting until you miss. Rack ‘em and let it rip.  Consecutively sink all your shots, pocket all your balls, and the competition never gets to use their cue; forget the chalk; they should have left their stick zipped in its bag, tucked securely in the trunk of their car.  They can go have a beer at the bar; try the chicken wings, game’s already on the board.

Straight up? YOU are here to win, personally, professionally, spiritually!

Which begs a second question.

If success is truly YOURS for the taking, what’s the holdup?  What’s your uphill, your challenge, your struggle?  How’d you run full-on into a headwind?  Where’s the glitch, the snag, the temporary roadblock to your success?

Now, admittedly I’ve never met a dead end; made some turnarounds in a cup-de-sac or two, other times scaled the stacked against me to climb out of a few impromptu crevasses, even tunneled what others worried was “solid rock” to break through to the other side, but I’ve never met a dead end.  Looking back it seems if it weren’t for alternative ways, I wouldn’t have made my way at all.

You started out with the best of intentions, crystal clear vision, with matching willpower busting to take the stage.


When did the clouds blow in, the fog settle, your headlights fail to pierce the storm, obstructing your overall visibility?  How did the long haul’s rough-and-tumble find chinks in your armor, exploiting the weak links in your chain, ultimately wearing you down from the inside?  When did the free-for-all grow too costly, dampening, muffling, eventually confining your range-of-view to your rearview mirror, second-guessing the ultimate viability of your vision?

What sidetracked, if not derailed you altogether?

It’s your passion, your fire, your fire, your fury, and it’s not here to be squelched and extinguished.  Far from destined to slog and stumble though a so-so life, your grit wasn’t made for the hamster’s wheel, nor where you put on this earth to suffer the stress of mundane, the anxiety attached to average or ordinary. It’s not who you are!

Why let life treat you that way?

You deserve to square your shoulders with the mirror, stare it down and have your Alpha lay eyes on the real you, once and for all.

It’s your job to dream the impossible.  I’m here to make sure you run the table like you own it… because you do!

I’m excited to be your fresh set of eyes, a tag-team partner to awaken your natural acumen. To offer a strategic depth and breadth of view, the one/two punch of a laser’s pinpoint focus and the Neural Savvy(sm) identifying and unleashing the power of your “adjacent possible” making it probable in your life.  I’m adept at adapting on the fly.

Peer review?

Well, I have been called “Grammar’s Guru” and a “visionary expert at uncovering the impromptu’s gems.”  So there’s that, while the experts at a hand full of think tanks say that I’m a “highly adaptive” “Strategic Achiever” who digs “intellection,” “Ideation,” “is extremely comfortable taking on a big degree of risk while still operating at full speed,” “thriving where instinctual / intellectual responses to decisions enable you to quickly take advantage of unseen opportunities,” “think quickly, easily and efficiently handle changes in the environment where the challenges morph rapidly and priorities shift frequently.”

Oh, go on! I’m blushing.

My take?  I dig vertigo and persistently tracking its innate vitality. When stalking synchronicity, subduing chaos, deciphering its message, keen acuity guarantees that every moment is a “teachable” one, every obstacle an oracle, and every speed bump a springboard to your success.

So, if you’re confronting chaos, I call “Shotgun” because YOUR success is my passion, turning your vision into a victory is what calls me out of bed in the morning, my day is a win when we crash your roadblocks going 100 MPH. I do love the upside of being the underdog, the sweet spot where the only thing higher than the stress levels are the stakes waged against impossible odds.  It’s where you and I belong!

If we don’t hang out, please always remember that hardships are never a hinderance without your express permission.  Pitfalls are platforms for relaunch, nothing more, that rock bottom is the perfect time and place to ricochet, that every speed bump is a spring board waiting to propel you, and the volatility of vertigo is absolutely vital to your success.


Any challenge.  Any hurdle.  Any headwind.  Anytime!

If you’re a Small Business Owner (500 employees or less), ask about the Adjunct Professional A.M.P.STM (Advertising / Marketing / Public Relations / Strategy) Program.  In lieu of costly outside agencies, why not supplement your current team’s work with what Clifton Strengths / Pymetrics / LinkedIn Skills calls a “Highly Proficient,” “Most Unique,” “Strategic Thinker, Learner, Intellection and Ideation” driven, “Adaptable Achiever” with over 30 years of experience in the related fields of Systems, LEAN and Design Thinking strategies along with Theory of Constraint, Complex Uncertainty, Antifragility and their 5P Protocol (Plan, Pull the Trigger, Ply, Pilot and Perfect).

English?  Fifty-two weeks of on-call, bullpen backup, a stagnant sales smokejumper, a strategic rescue thinker, and a highly action-oriented reserve you can count on regardless of your situation.

You have a compelling vision.  It deserves; it demands a conducive vector, a compelling voice to champion your view to its ultimate success.

Innovation from ideation to implementation.
Dominance from preexistence to preeminence.

The Very Best at what they do have a caddy to help read the greens, a spotter to dial it in, someone riding shotgun, a partner they rely on to guard their back, sight set always on their six.

It’s in you to triumph.
It’s in me to be your “Go-To Guy.”

Who are we kidding? I’m built for your speed dial.

What say we MortalUP, kick in some doors, and sink some balls?

Rack ‘em!