“Everything you’ve ever needed, you’ve always had!”

Are you tired of wasting countless hours in the mirror, grilling yourself about the current condition of your Life?

Shaking your head at all the time you’ve spent in your journal or diary plotting, planning, promising yourself that “one day, it will finally be different!”

Have you had it with all the motivational experts and inspirational gurus spewing their brand of snake oil, promising you a better tomorrow?

From the author of Something To Believe In and the Creator of MortalUP Protocol, Brian offers the most fundamental truth of Life. “As far as Nature is concerned, we are all “Underdogs!” That said, “tapping and applying your natural acuity, savvy, and grit is not only the reason you are here but the thriving Upside of being a “mere” mortal. With the personal re-cognition of your primal, foundational attributes and abilities, your days of second-class wallowing are over.

Are you finally ready to let yourself out, to “ooze you?”

The Upside of Being an Underdog will be the very last motivational/inspirational book you will ever need.

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