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Creator of MortalUP®, The MortalUP® Minute, The 20 Minute Victory / author of the upcoming book The Upside of Being an Underdog / author of the screenplay Trident.

With over 30 years of experience in TV/Radio and 1000’s of broadcasts in The United States and Canada, Brian is Waging War On Wuss!

Executive Producer and Chief Engineer for The MortalUP® Minute and The 20 Minute Victory.

Air Force Veteran and Aerospace Engineer for 30 Years.

A10, Blackhawk, Apache, P3, Hubble Space Telescope, Pershing II, Patriot, Hellfire, Copperhead, Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster Investigation Team Member, US Navy’s Vertical Launching System.

As Executive Producer of The MortalUP® Minute and The 20 Minute Victory, it’s a full-time job keeping Brian from crashing and burning.  As a former A-10 Thunderbolt (Warthog) Engineer, being “close-in air support” when he calls for the cavalry, is second nature to me.