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Welcome to BrianBrawdy.com the home of Mortal UP®,  the key to authentic mental health, the natural protocol for your ultimate potential.

Why do we always suggest that each of us should Mortal UP®?

The answer is as simple as it is direct.

You were born with all the natural resources necessary to confront Fate, shoulders squared, head -on and full throttle, you are here to kick-in every door Life throws  in your way.  You come pre-assembled with all the tools necessary to win the game of Life. Your acuity, stamina, passion and grit may have atrophied over time, but they’re innate, and they’ve been a part of you from your earliest moment.

Our team is dedicated to cutting through the fog and amnesia trapping you and to rekindle the authentic spark that sits in the marrow of your mind.

Brian P. Brawdy

Creator of The Brian Brawdy Intervention, Neural Savvy, The Art of Ready and Mortal UP®
/ author of the upcoming book The Upside of Being an Underdog / author of the screenplay Trident.

With over 30 years of experience in TV/Radio and 1000’s of broadcasts in The United States and Canada, Brian is Waging War On Wuss!

Wayne D. Noel

Executive Producer and Chief Engineer for The Brian Brawdy Intervention, Neural Savvy, The Art of Ready and MortalUP®

Air Force Veteran with 20 Years experience as a Aerospace Engineer.

5 years as Information Technology Outsourcing Manager, managing 90 Technicians across 14 States supporting 60,000 computer systems and servers.

4 years as Global Field Services Manager for a large Fiber Optic Service Provider covering North America, Asia Pacific and European Regions.

15 Years as Owner of A V Connections LLC,  providing Satellite TV, VOIP Telecom, Satellite Internet, Security, Extended WIFI, Web Design, Computer Repair and Computer/Network Managed Services for Small Business.

As Executive Producer of Brian Brawdy Intervention, Neural Savvy, The Art of Ready and Mortal UP®, it’s a full-time job keeping Brian from crashing and burning. As a former A-10 Thunderbolt (Warthog) Engineer, being “close-in air support” when he calls for the cavalry, is second nature to me.